Innokin LIFT S.T.A. Siphon Tank Adapter


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Innokin LIFT S.T.A.

The Innokin LIFT S.T.A. Siphon Tank Adapter allows you to use your favorite squonk/bottom feed RDA such as the Vandy Vape Pulse without a squonk capable device. The LIFT Adapter utilizes a one way seal of internalized pressure to carry e-liquid from the bottom reservoir up through the center pin and feed it your coils as you vape. The LIFT Adapter features two rubber seals on the top which connect to the bottom of your squonk/bottom fed RDA to create the internal pressure needed to pull the liquid through. This special design allows you to keep your wicking material saturated at all the times without squeezing a bottle or dripping. The LIFT Adapter is compatible with 22mm to 25mm sized diameter bottom fed RDAs and has a e-Liquid capacity of 4 milliliters. The LIFT Adapter features an adjustable airflow control valve with three different sized air holes.


Diameter: 25mm x 20mm
Capacity: 4ml
Connection height: 4.3mm-4.6mm
Thread: 510 thread


The World’s First Siphon System
Converts RDA to RDTA in One Step
No Long Messy Cotton
No Need to Squeeze All the Time


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